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Get to know the brains behind the brand

A little over 5 years ago, the vision for our brand was born.

In 2017, Beardgrub grew its first wings when two close friends, Rafael and Jonathan, had an honest conversation about the lack of quality beard oil on the market. For them, beard grooming was not just a regular self-care routine; it was a way of life. So they sought to create beard oils that represented them.

After hiring a specialist and dermatologist,

At the time, the common scents available on the market were pine tree and woodsmen-type scents. They needed better. Born and raised in Chicago, the brothers valued having beard oil that encompassed both the beauty and the grit of the Windy City. Driven by a vision for multi-purpose, non-toxic beard grooming products, Rafael and Jonathan hired a specialist, worked with a dermatologist, and created Beardgrub.

Our Mission

Premium beard care for all men to look their best

We believe a good facial appearance is the key to looking good. When you look good, you feel good and can take on life with overwhelming energy and positivity. As a brand that lives and breathes beards, we sell the right grooming products that you need to clean, style, and nourish your beard.

Our beards are an epitome of masculinity. This is why we created a line of products that complement every shape, size, color, and style of facial hair. We are here to help you grow your beard with great grooming products and to inspire you to do better in life through our supportive beardsmen community.

Our Commitment

We Value the Health of our Customers

Now a full-fledged beard care brand, Beardgrub is growing at a rapid pace. We aren’t just another company that "sells promises," we deliver above and beyond your expectations. Fueled by the spirit of family and friends and supported by thousands of followers on social media, we are happy to serve our customers with a flavorful piece of Chicago, one organic beard oil at a time.

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We’re positive you’ll love our products as much as we enjoyed making them.
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