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About Beardgrub

Get to know us

Little ole' Beardgrub, was just a lil' pup started by two close friends in the summer of 2017.  In a casual conversation Rafael and Jonathan mentioned how they both searched for a beard oil that represented them.  Common scents available across the market at that time were pine tree and woodsmen type scents.  That's not exactly what they were looking for. They both hail from Chicago and valued having a beard oil that encompassed both the beauty and the grit of the Windy City.  After hiring a specialist and dermatologist, creating something that addressed their skin and beard needs finally seemed obtainable.  Fast forwarding to the present,  Beardgrub has found its niche' and is growing as brand recognition increases. Thanks to urging from family and friends as well as people in the community that complimented the appearance of their beards.  They had no other choice but to share Beardgrub with the world. With thousands of followers on social media as well as thousands of happy customers Beardgrub has found a way to give you a flavorful piece of Chicago in every bottle.

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